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BlackBox13 keeps it’s secrets under shadow, while exposing the nature of humanity under a spotlight in the hope of granting our audiences with a new perspective.

As Students of the MTheatre Touring Theatre course at the University of Worcester, we began to create this company intending to learn how to take those first steps at crafting the theatre we wish to see in the world.

…Join us on our journey, and witness the progress and growth of our productions…



What is MTheatre Touring Theatre?

It is an Integrated Masters course which occurs alongside our Drama and Performance BA.
“This four-year course allows you to enter at undergraduate level but graduate with a masters-level award in Touring Theatre. Meaning you’ll stand out in the competitive theatre industry.
You’ll get hands-on experience of touring theatre and develop the related business, financial and marketing skills to be successful in this career.”

For more information visit the MTheatre Touring Theatre Course Information Page.


Key features

  • Gaining the skills and understanding to setup your own touring theatre company or establish yourself as a solo performer/practitioner.
  • Making high quality performance work for a range of venues, festivals, events etc.
  • A chance to collaborate with theatres, venues, touring networks, directors and producers throughout the West Midlands region.


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